Types of Irrigation Systems for Your Landscape

Types of Irrigation Systems for Your Landscape

Which type of irrigation system is right for your landscape? Check out these options.

Keeping the lawn and garden well-watered is part of keeping up a healthy landscape. One may realize, however, that different plants have different care requirements. Likewise, different irrigation systems perform in varying ways to meet the landscape’s needs. To help you choose the best solution for your lawn and garden, check out these popular types of irrigation systems.

Sprinkler System

The sprinkler system is the most common irrigation device you will see on a residential lawn. One can use different spray heads to change the mode and direction. One can also adjust the power and use a timer to water the grass, shrubs, and flowers automatically. It is best to water for about 25 minutes, 2-3 times a week, in the early morning before the sun heats the ground. Otherwise, the hot water can boil the plants. A second-best time is in the evening or late afternoon. Even so, the goal is to give the landscape a long soak.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation wastes less water than a sprinkler system, but is better suited for garden beds than lawns. Variations on drip irrigation systems perform the same function to water the plants through holes along a pipe or hose. This invention slowly inserts water droplets directly into the ground near the roots, and is the most popular watering system among gardeners.

Soaker Hose

One of the most prominent types of drip irrigation systems is the soaker hose. Multiple holes along the hose’s membrane deliver water into the soil. This hose lies underground and is easy to install. Like with a sprinkler system, one can time schedule it to automatically water the roots as needed.

Rotor Irrigation

Rotor irrigation is best for large gardens that need multiple sprinkler (rotor) heads to deliver water. It also works well for densely-planted areas. A rotor system is more or less simple to install and maintain, and it is flexible enough to move different sprinkler heads to different areas. On the downside, it can allow more water to evaporate and be wasted and is the most expensive option. 

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