Irrigation for Your Maryland Garden

Irrigation for Your Maryland Garden

Keeping your Maryland plants well-watered requires the proper irrigation.

When it comes to keeping your grass, garden, and landscaping healthy and well-maintained, an irrigation plan is key. The right irrigation system can help keep your lawn thriving even through a hot Maryland summer. But what makes an effective irrigation plan for your lawn and garden? We’ve got you covered with a helpful guide to irrigation for your Maryland garden.

When to Water

It’s important to water plants according to their needs. Different trees, shrubs, grasses, and more will have different needs. Watering will also depend on the soil, climate, and season. Always set watering priorities to ensure that no plant in your garden is neglected–especially during extended periods of drought. As a rule, water trees first, then shrubs, then herbaceous plants. Trees and larger plants are more difficult to replace, so they should take priority during especially dry conditions. Don’t stop watering at the end of the summer, as many trees and shrubs will still require careful watering through the fall to ensure they stay healthy and lush throughout the year. Periodically check your soil several inches deep, and whenever it is dry, give your plants a good watering.

Conserving Water

Irrigation systems are a great way to conserve water. These systems can help prevent over- or underwatering of your lawn and garden. Placement is key. Be sure to place sprinkler heads where only the lawn will be watered. Avoid placement that will water your sidewalk, driveway, or patio. This can waste a considerable amount of water throughout the season and prevent effective watering of your garden.

Irrigation Systems

There are several types of irrigation systems that you can choose from. Sprinkler systems, which spray water high into the air to simulate a rain shower for your garden, are one of the most popular irrigation options. These are popular for both residential landscapes and commercial lawns, as they can be set to irrigate the vegetation in the early morning and cover a large area.

Drip irrigation systems are an excellent option as well, since they water plants at the roots, allowing for direct and efficient watering with minimal wasted water. Rainwater harvesting is also a great way to water your lawn, allowing you to conserve water from your well or city water system and make sure your garden is healthy and lush all summer long. Using barrels or underground cisterns to collect water, it’s a good idea to use a closed system for this method in order to prevent evaporation.

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