Tips on Choosing the Location for Your Pond

Tips on Choosing the Location for Your Pond

Wondering where to place a pond in your yard or garden? Check out the tips below.

Having a water feature on one’s property is a beautiful feature. Everyone loves to be near the water. A garden pond is a perfect way to keep a body of water nearby without leaving the land. Even if you do live on the water, a pond will bring a touch of luxury like none other. However, deciding where precisely the pond should go can be a challenge. With the following tips, you can have a better idea as to where that perfect place may be.

View of the Pond

From the outside or inside of your home, where would you like to see a pond? This may be a simple question, but your view of the pond matters in the overall composition of the yard and house. If you can imagine a pond set in one space or another in a pleasing manner, you can count on that as a potential site.

Keep It in Sunshine

It may seem appealing at first to place your pond under a shady tree to be accompanied by a cool, refreshing breeze, but this is the opposite of what you want. Ponds under trees will require a lot more maintenance due to falling leaves and debris.

Another reason to set your pond in the sun is that if you intend to include plants and fish in the pond, they will need sunlight.

Place It on Higher Ground

Avoid low-lying areas for ponds, as this can cause flooding and drainage issues in storms. A low-lying pond can also cause pollution. A pond should be a little above ground level. This way, chemicals used to fertilize the grass and other debris will not seep into the pond when it rains. Placing the pond on higher ground will keep its ecosystem safe.

Mirror Trick

Part of the appeal of a garden pond is the reflection the water gives off. Take a mirror and place it in potential areas to see what the view is. 

Close to Electricity and Supplies

The bigger the pond, the more it will need a pump to keep the water aerated and flowing. With a pond, you can design a waterfall feature and make it babble like a brook. Concerning maintenance and power, keeping it close to an electrical power source and maintenance supplies will make regular care a breeze.

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