Choosing the Perfect Patio Shape

Choosing the Perfect Patio Shape

One size doesn’t fit all; see what the best patio shape might be for your yard!

Outdoor living is a pleasure that few enjoy. Many people have a backyard, but not everyone takes full advantage of what the land has to offer. It’s great to spend time in nature, and with a yard, you’ve got the real estate to make your own. Patios are one way to create outdoor living space, but could your new patio be better than its current form? Below are several insights on choosing the perfect patio shape.

Square or Rectangle

The most common patio shape is the square or rectangle. It’ll give you simple, 90-degree angles that make installation easy and perhaps less expensive. A square or rectangular patio shape has the flexibility to accommodate numerous furnishings, whether it be a dining set, a lounge set, a hot tub, or a fire pit. One can build amenities like a fire pit or fireplace into the perimeter of the area. In general, these shapes work well for hosting large gatherings.

Circle or Semicircle

A circular patio is a free-standing one, set off from the house and connected by a walkway. This patio shape often features a focal point in the center, such as a fire pit, fountain, or circular dining set, and is the focal gathering spot. Circular patios can integrate into existing patios to form a set-off area, even in the form of a half or quarter-circle.

Free Form

Free form patios can work for a yard of any shape or size. The final patio shape is up to the homeowner or the landscape designer, allowing for maximum efficiency. The curves or angles of a free form patio work with the land and house style, resulting in an asymmetrical but balanced surface. Some free form patios have mixed materials, like flagstone paired with concrete. This patio shape can feel as upscale as it can look informal.

Think Purpose & Design

No matter what shape you decide your patio to be, your decision should rest on your purpose for the patio and its context. Traffic flow and your wish to relax or entertain can affect the patio shape itself, resulting in an unconventional but fitting design. Also consider the style of the house and the shape of the land. What fits and flows will work the best.

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