Lawn Seeding & Sod Installation

Lawn SeedingEdward’s Lawn & Landscaping provides top-notch seeding and sod installation services that take your home to the next level. We provide FREE estimates and complimentary on-site consultations. We offer seasonal specials to help ensure you get the best pricing and take advantage of combination packages. Check out our seasonal specials. For more information, please contact us today!

The Seeding and Sod Installation Process

Before we can install the sod, we must first cut out all lawn weeds and debris from the yard to create a blank canvas for new, nutrient enriched soil. Next, we add a new layer of fresh soil and soil conditioner and will amend in to the existing elements. After grading the soil, we install premium tall fescue sod. This method is perfect for sloped yards, or the need for immediate gratification of a new lawn! Sod requires less maintenance and shows results quicker than seeding. Typically, it takes ten to fourteen days for new sod to take root on the ground. By just a few weeks in, customers can easily mow the area just like the rest of the yard.

Rates and Maintenance

Prices for lawn seeding and sod installation services vary based on site conditions and property size. We provide FREE estimates, and clients can schedule complimentary on-site consultations with one of our expert team members. We encourage routine lawn maintenance to ensure lasting results and promote healthy grass growth. Our office sends all customers detailed instructions for watering and care. If you have any questions or concerns about your lawn’s health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Whether you need a lawn rejuvenation, aeration or seeding, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping is the go-to expert for homeowners in Central Maryland. We use our extensive experience and sharp skills to enhance your lawn and upgrade your home’s curb appeal. For more information about our highly comprehensive lawn care and lawn rejuvenation programs, please contact our office today at 443-341-6539 for your FREE estimate!

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