Ways to Restore Your Neglected Lawn for Springtime

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After the beating your lawn took this winter, how do you restore your neglected lawn for springtime?

Spring is in Maryland, and your lawn looks neglected. Taking care of your property in the springtime results in healthy and wonderful grounds that may withstand the warmer months. After the beating your lawn took this winter, how do you restore your neglected lawn for springtime? Read below for simple tips!

Eliminate the Bad Weeds

Early spring is the ideal time to promote the best environment for the growth of desirable flowers, plants, etc. When done correctly, digging up a weed manually is effective when there isn’t much in your garden. To avoid the weeds from returning, ensure you grab them by the roots. However, you should invest in a weed-pulling tool if your lawn is full of weeds, preferably with an ergonomically designed style.

Lawn Aeration

Another way to restore your neglected lawn is by examining your soil for any adjustments before gardening. One way is supplying oxygen and water to your yard, known as aeration. Most properties don’t require lawn aeration, but they will benefit most if your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic. Lawn aeration allows your lawn to receive moisture and nutrients by opening up your soil. In addition, there are two ways to practice aeration:

  • Plunging a garden fork into the soil to give it a wiggle
  • Using lawn aerator shoes, with spikes attached to the shoes to create holes in the lawn when you lift your foot

Fertilize Your Lawn

Lawn fertilization is another method of rejuvenating your lawn. Before you begin to plant, you want to prepare your planting beds. Depending on your preference, there are various options for fertilizers. For instance, you may apply liquid fertilizer on your lawn for quick growth. Plus, slow and controlled-release fertilizing agents provide nutrients to the roots for several weeks.

Moreover, start planting early indoors to restore your neglected lawn. Examples of these plants include vegetables like potatoes, onions, lettuce, and artichokes. In addition, you should plant yearly veggies indoors about a month before the last frost in your area. Remember, look out for the plant information, whatever you decide to grow.

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