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After the beating it likely took this winter, your lawn looks crummy. Follow this simple guide on how to revive your lawn just in time for spring!

Spring is coming, and your lawn looks crummy. Taking care of your property in the spring results in healthy and beautiful grounds that can withstand the warmer weather. After the beating it likely took this winter, how do you restore your lawn? Follow this simple guide to get it primed for spring!

Pull out the Bad Weeds

Early spring is the perfect time to promote the best environment for the growth of desirable plants, flowers, etc.  When done correctly, digging up a weed by hand is effective when you don’t have a lot in your garden. To avoid the weeds from coming back, make sure you grab the roots! But if your lawn is full of weeds, you might want to invest in a weed pulling tool, preferably with an ergonomically designed style.

Lawn Aeration

Bring your yard back to life by testing your soil for any adjustments before gardening. One technique is supplying oxygen and water to your lawn, known as aeration.  Most properties do not need aeration, but they will benefit most from it if your yard goes through heavy foot traffic. You allow your lawn to receive moisture and nutrients by opening up your lawn soil.

There are two methods to practice aeration: plunging a garden fork into the soil and giving it a wiggle or using lawn aerator shoes, which have spikes attached to the shoes that create little holes in the lawn when you lift your foot.

Encourage Lush Growth

Another way of rejuvenating your lawn is through fertilization. Before you start planting, you want to prepare your planting beds. Depending on your preference, there are different options for fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers can be applied to give it a quick burst of growth. In addition, there are slow and controlled-release fertilizers that provide nutrients to the roots for a couple of weeks.

Start planting early indoors. Examples of these plants include hardy vegetables such as onions, potatoes, artichokes, and lettuces. Most annual vegetables should be planted indoors about six weeks before the last frost in your area. Whatever you intend to plant, look out for the plant information.

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