Spring Yard Cleanups in Brooklyn, MD

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Conducting spring yard cleanups in your Brooklyn home ensures your yard is in excellent condition for spring and summer.

It can be a challenge to care for your lawn during wintertime. During winter, moisture, dirt, and debris pile up in your yard. However, these elements can convert healthy greenery into a difficult-to-manage piece of land. So, conducting spring yard cleanups in your Brooklyn, Maryland, home ensures your yard is in excellent condition for spring and summer.

Leaf Removal

Cleaning your lawn of leaves and debris will promote healthy growth and make it look better for your grass and other plants. When your lawn has excessive debris or leaves, sunlight can’t reach the ground underneath. The benefits of completing spring yard cleanups include:

  • A clean lawn allows your turf and other plants to absorb nutrients from the sun to survive.
  • A fresh lawn improves curb appeal and shows your effort in maintaining your property.
  • You avoid wet leaves that collect moisture, leading to mold and fungi buildup.
  • By eliminating leaves, you can minimize the chance of pests hiding on your lawn.
  • Removing brown grass will enhance your property’s visual condition and promote healthy growth.

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Transitioning from Winter

Spring yard cleanups are perfect for preparing your lawn for the upcoming summer. You can begin your lawn cleanup by raking the thawed ground and removing dead grass to promote healthier grass growth. Also, this is an ideal time for fertilizer if you didn’t in the fall. At the same time, you could apply herbicide to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn. Fortunately, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can ensure your landscaping is set up for growth after winter. Click here to get your free estimate!

More Lawn Care Services

As most homeowners in Brooklyn, Maryland, plan their spring yard cleanups, they can also prepare for the upcoming seasons. We provide lawn care services every season to meet your needs. They include:

  • Mowing helps to minimize pest presence, increase curb appeal, and build resilience from harsh weather.
  • Aeration can be performed along with lawn cleanup if you have a compacted lawn.
  • Our landscaping company has extensive expertise in tackling all general tree maintenance and removal needs.

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