What Should Your Yard Spring Cleaning Include?

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If you want everything to look right, check out these yard spring cleaning tips!

Spring is a time of change and growth. It’s also the perfect opportunity to clean up your property and ensure all elements are healthy and beautiful. If you want everything to look right, check out these yard spring cleaning tips!

Initiate a Full Lawn Clean-Up

This step includes inspecting your lawn’s health, pruning trees and shrubs, and clearing debris. Also, eliminating dead leaves, loose branches, twigs, and other debris that might have fallen during the winter. This will provide an opportunity to perform a thorough inspection of the property. Once you’ve decluttered debris from your yard, you must inspect your trees and shrubs for any pruning. Spring is a great time to prune your plants.

Moreover, a landscaping company can trim and remove tree and shrub trimmings. They can also check downspouts to ensure they are draining correctly. Sometimes, bed liners can receive damage due to falling branches or snow removal equipment, so you must replace or repair them. Also, this is an ideal time to apply new mulch to planting beds to keep plants healthy. Even though bed maintenance is not usually fun, it can become a well-manicured lawn if done right.

Check Your Turf’s Overall Health

Your yard spring cleaning should also include a healthy, thriving lawn. To start, let’s inspect the overall health of your turf. In addition, seek any places where the grass is browning, thinning, or needs sod or seeding. A landscape maintenance company must treat and remove any weeds or fungus growing on your lawn. Are you ready to get started? Prioritize your yard spring cleaning with the help of Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping today!

Air Things Out with Lawn Aeration

If you are not familiar with lawn aeration, it’s critical for maintaining a healthy lawn. Aeration is an easy process, but it is only sometimes simple to get right. This typically requires using a core aerator to punch small holes into the grass while eliminating small pieces. Lawn aeration breaks up dense soil, allowing water and air to circulate more freely.

Once aeration is complete, then you may fertilize your lawn. It’s advisable to select the type and amount of fertilizer based on the weather conditions you’ve completed your lawn aeration. Overall, achieving and maintaining a lovely lawn is one of the many aspects of home ownership. Contact Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping at 443-341-6539 for expert lawn care services.

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