Spring Lawn Cleaning Checklist

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Just as your home needs spring lawn cleaning after being shuttered up during winter, so do lawns and gardens.

March is always unpredictable in Maryland. Shrubs can be brittle, with snow on the first week of the month and temperatures warming up several weeks later. Just as your home needs spring lawn cleaning after being shuttered up during winter, so do lawns and gardens. Some spring TLC prepares your yard for the growing season.

Check Your Lawn Tools to Declutter

To start your spring lawn cleaning process, checking your tools for rust, splintering, and damage is ideal. You will also want to ensure you have enough materials you will need for spring yard maintenance. In addition, anything that is not grass or one of your plants should go – leaves, sticks, pinecones, etc. These don’t look good among the green grass. Also, excessive debris covering your grass will hurt it. Eliminating this litter will make your lawn healthier and prevent damaging conditions to your landscape, like fungus or bare spots. Remember, compost the yard debris instead of throwing it away.

Lawn Seeding

Gardens shouldn’t look like patchwork quilts. In addition, seeding can fill these in, keeping weeds from taking over. Seeding is also used to grow a new lawn or to thicken existing grass. The primary goal of lawn seeding is to promote germination, which relies on seed-to-soil contact for growth. Overseeding will fill bare spots if grass begins to thin out and diet. So, overseeding will make your turf denser unless you are planting a new lawn.

Lawn Mowing is Necessary

Lawn mowing is essential to your spring lawn cleaning because it can make your yard look nice without hurting the grass. Plus, keeping it a little longer does signify more mowing, but your grass will look healthier. Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping is the best choice for professional lawn mowing services for residential and commercial properties. Our landscaping company provides premier lawn mowing services personalized to your schedule and simplified with an automated payment process. Call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping at 443-341-6539.

Add Fertilizer

Fertilizer can make your lawn look way better, making it healthier. However, be careful to follow instructions for chemical fertilizers, or you can harm your plants. At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, our pros will take the time to understand the needs of your grass to ensure that we apply the correct fertilizers.

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