What to Know Before Hiring a Lawn Mowing Company for Spring

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When searching for a suitable lawn mowing company for spring, compile a list of questions to ask.

Hiring someone to mow your lawn seems like an easy task. Whether you ask the company mowing your neighbor’s lawn for a quote or find one online, it should be the same process. Right? Wrong. Not all lawn care companies are similar. When searching for a suitable lawn mowing company for spring, compile a list of questions to ask.

Always Ask If They are Licensed or Insured

When looking for a lawn mowing company, ask them if they have the proper state license to operate. Are they also licensed for the services they are selling? In addition, always ask the potential lawn mowing contractor if they are insured. Make sure to ask for proof if the contractor needs to be more confident on how to answer it. The insurance is known as general liability and protects homeowners or business owners if something is damaged. This may include a storm door, gutters, fences, siding, etc. If something is broken or damaged by an uninsured lawn mowing company, the homeowner is left to repair it out of pocket.

Ask If the Contractor is Full-Time or Part-Time?

This will significantly indicate to determine their reliability. In general, full-time operations are more reliable because they do this type of work for a living. Sometimes, part-time operators complete lawn mowing services to supplement their income, so their full-time job is their priority.

Avoid Comparing Prices

Please choose a lawn mowing company that is ideal for you. Just because one company might be $10 more per mowing, saving headaches and having peace of mind is well worth it. Remember, it’s only worth it if your lawn care company shows up on time and performs the work they agreed to do.

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