Reasons Why It’s Not Ideal to Mow Wet Grass

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Can you mow wet grass?

Mowing the lawn ranges from late spring into fall in Maryland. Along the way, one must take various strategies to accomplish the best and healthiest cut. If it rains, it may be tempting to mow the grass regardless. However, this idea has started a massive debate. Can you mow wet grass? Absolutely. But there are different reasons why it’s not ideal to mow wet grass.

Susceptible to Fungal Lawn Diseases

The tears in the blades of grass will leave your lawn more vulnerable to infection from fungal diseases. In addition, fungi thrive in wet conditions, so the combination of torn grass and standing water in the yard guarantees lawn disease. Some prevalent lawn fungi to watch out for are brown patches, leaf spots, and red threads. Unfortunately, these and other lawn diseases can weaken your turf.

Create Uneven Cuts

For a clean cut, grass must stand up straight as the blade slices through it instead of bending. When you mow wet grass, the water weighs it down, discouraging it from standing straight. As a result, the mower blades tear through the grass messily rather than trimming it cleanly. Another possible problem is that the mower may miss some of those grass blades hanging low to the ground. After the grass dries, uncut patches will remain. If you need efficient lawn mowing services, select the expert team at Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping!

Lawn Mower Damage

When you mow wet grass, it will clog your mower blades. Consequently, this will slow them down and overwork the engine. Unlike gas mowers, electric lawnmowers have less torque and often can’t cut through wet grass at all. Plus, the wet grass will stick below the mower and make it harder to clean. All that moisture will eventually rust the mower’s blades and other metal parts.

Hazardous for You

Mowing the lawn wet is extremely risky. The significant risk is slipping and falling. Despite your sneakers’ traction, they don’t match the slippery wet grass. In addition, falling while operating a machine with spinning blades is even hazardous. Furthermore, you’re in trouble if your extension cord is damaged and the bare wiring touches the wet grass. Lastly, mowing a wet lawn risks your clothes because cut wet grass stains much worse than dry grass.

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