Can You Mow Wet Grass?

Can You Mow Wet Grass?

The age-old question answered: here’s why you should not mow the lawn when it’s wet!

Mowing the lawn spans from late spring into fall in Maryland, and along the way, one needs to take different strategies to achieve the best and healthiest cut. It is often most convenient to do things on your schedule, but sometimes, the weather does not work with it. If it rains, it might be tempting to mow the grass regardless, but this idea has spurred a massive debate. Can you mow wet grass? Yes, you can, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s not a good idea.

Walking on Wet Grass

Perhaps you have played a sports game on the grass after or while it rained. You might remember that it was more difficult to run than when the grass was dry. Wet grass is slippery grass, which is why operating a lawnmower in this condition is more dangerous. Even if you believe the chances that you or your machine will slide on the lawn, the risk of injury is naturally higher.

Operating an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawnmowers are up and coming, and if you use one, you have all the more the reason to wait until the lawn is dry. Electricity and water don’t mix either. It is even more dangerous if you have a power cord attached to it. 

Damaging the Blades

When you mow wet grass, the damage can go both ways. Both the grass blades and the lawnmower blades can take a turn for the worse in wet conditions. It will be harder to get a crisp cut in wet weather, so your grass may get torn. Moreover, the lawnmower blades could also malfunction due to wet grass clippings sticking to them. 

Spreading Disease

Fungal spores can float around in the air and activate in the right conditions. Leaving wet lawn clippings on the newly cut grass is more likely to produce lawn diseases than not. Wet grass clippings that stick to the bottom of your lawnmower can also cause mold to develop, so one should safely remove them if present.

Compacting Soil

Wet soil is easier to compact underfoot than regular, moist soil. Over time, you will benefit from aerating the lawn, which helps to loosen compacted dirt. Mowing the lawn during or after the rain can cause ruts or even footprints in the dirt, which does no good for grass root systems.

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