Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration and Overseeding

Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration and Overseeding

Does your lawn need aeration and overseeding? This is how you can tell.

Aeration is the process of pulling up uniform plugs of dirt from a lawn, and overseeding is simply the dispersion of new grass seeds on a lawn. Aeration and overseeding is necessary to maintain the health of a lawn when its soil becomes compacted. Wherever you are in Maryland, you will know your lawn needs aeration and overseeding when you see the following signs.


Puddles on your lawn indicate that the soil is compacted. Normally, rainwater would seep into the dirt with no excess sogginess. Puddles accumulating after a rainstorm can threaten your home with flooding. It can also threaten the stability of outdoor structures like fences and decks, if the water sits around the supporting posts. Standing water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Bare Patches

If you see spots on your lawn that are empty, bare, and dusty, it is likely that you are seeing soil compaction. Grass won’t be able to grow in such dense soil, and it might have worn away with much foot traffic. 


Your lawn needs aeration and overseeding if the ground cannot take in moisture, also. Loose, oxygenated soil will remain damp for a short time, but compacted soil will remain hard and dry very quickly. 

Thinning Grass

Thinning grass could be a sign that your lawn simply needs more seeds. If the grass is not doing well, it could be the soil conditions. If the soil is compacted, professional aeration and overseeding can fix it in no time.


Your lawn could be to the point that not only is it thinning, but it’s stopped growing, too! If the grass seems to be turning yellow or brown and it isn’t growing like it used to, Edward’s Lawn & Home can give you what you need to turn it lush and green again.

Thatch Buildup

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that can create a mat within the lawn. Thatch buildup can suffocate the living grass and the soil, so removing it is necessary for the lawn’s health. In addition to dethatching, aeration and overseeding can help it breathe again.

Fall or Spring

Fall or spring is the best time to aerate and overseed your lawn. It is in these cooler, temperate seasons that make working with the ground easier. New seeds have optimum conditions to establish themselves, and the ground is not too hot or cold to aerate.

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