Lawn Care Services by Edward’s Lawn & Home

Lawn Care Services by Edward’s Lawn & Home

Edward’s Lawn & Home offers comprehensive lawn care services in central Maryland.

Lawn care services are highly prized by Marylanders looking to create a healthy outdoor environment while keeping their curb appeal great. When looking for lawn care services, you’ll want a company that provides all the services you need and more. This is certainly the case with Edward’s Lawn & Home! Below, you’ll find why a healthy lawn matters and how Edward’s Lawn & Home comes to your aid.

The Need for a Healthy Lawn

It can be easy to let the lawn go. However, abandoning your lawn will guarantee weeds and crabgrass cropping up, puddles in your yard, and an overall unkempt appearance. Tending to the lawn improves your curb appeal, your enjoyment of the yard, and the health of the land. Thankfully, Edward’s Lawn & Home can help make lawn care easy for your central Maryland home.

Drainage Solutions

A significant factor in good lawn care might not be visible at all; in fact, it might be underground! Grading the land to drain properly and installing drainage systems where needed are essential to avoiding massive puddling and possible damage to the home’s foundation and other structures. 

Seed & Sod

Whether you need to reseed your lawn with the appropriate grass type or put down half an acre of sod, Edward’s Lawn & Home has your covered. Edward’s Lawn & Home offers estimates completely free, plus grading and total weed removal beforehand.

Aerating & Overseeding

Aerating and overseeding is important for relieving the ground from compaction and maintaining healthy root systems and a full lawn. Aeration is the process of pulling up small plugs of dirt, which allows the soil to loosen, resettle, and welcome in more water, oxygen, and nutrients. Overseeding fixes those troublesome bare patches.

Lawn Mowing Services

Once a week, your lawn can receive an expert treatment with Edward’s lawn mowing services. Their lawn mowing program offers mowing once a week from early April to early November, with an automated payment plan and automatic program renewal. Prices begin at $45 a visit, with generous offers to first-time customers.

Lawn Care Programs

With a lawn care program, you’ll get everything. It offers comprehensive lawn care services, including fertilization, cutting, aeration & overseeding, and other immediate lawn care treatments. First-time customers get generous discounted rates for fertilization and aeration & overseeding.


Too many leaves to rake in the fall? Spring storms litter your lawn with twigs? Edward’s Lawn & Home can take care of these tasks too. 

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