Why Keeping a Healthy Lawn Matters

Why Keeping a Healthy Lawn Matters

A healthy lawn benefits both you and your community.

Lawn care is more extensive than one might think. At first, one might think that lawn care merely consists of mowing the grass and reseeding the bare spots once in a while. Actually, it encompasses a comprehensive array of practices like aeration, lawn rejuvenation, watering, and weed killing. All of these projects are necessary to produce the beautiful, lush green carpet you see your neighbors have. Does it really matter whether you have a nice lawn or not? Yes, there are several reasons why keeping a healthy lawn matters.

Curb Appeal

If you plan to sell your home someday, you’ll need to make your first impression count. Keeping a healthy lawn will be sure to please every time. Your home will be far less appealing if the home looks neglected. One might wonder what else needs fixing that isn’t visible. When preparing for the house show, remember that maintaining the lawn will take routine effort to keep it strong and healthy.

Soil Preservation

There is considerable debate over how healthy lawns are for the environment, but there is yet plenty of evidence to say that grass is good for the environment. One way it benefits the ground is through soil preservation. Dense, robust grassroots prevent soil erosion, increase microbial activity, and better water infiltration. 

Improved Air Quality

Grass also improves air quality, as the grass produces fresh oxygen constantly, and the blades help to cool the air itself. Water evaporates off the grass and wet soil through a process called evapotranspiration, reducing the atmospheric temperature by around 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Some say that keeping a healthy lawn can even reduce air conditioning costs in turn.

Improved Health

An emerald green lawn can improve health in more ways than one. At the very least, it encourages people to roam outdoors where there is fresh air, sunshine, and nature. Viewing a clean, orderly landscape declutters the mind, allowing one to relax. Grass also muffles noise pollution, reduces glare, and is a softer surface for children to play on. 

Added Beauty

Keeping a healthy lawn clearly has numerous benefits for selling a property, for the environment, and one’s physical and mental health. Even so, the looks alone may be worth it. Green grass could highly benefit your sense of pride and your neighborhood’s, especially if you live on a high-traffic street. It may even boost your neighborhood’s sense of community.

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