Spring Cleanup Tips 2021

Spring Cleanup Tips 2021

Spring is here, and so is cleaning up the yard. Here are several tips for tackling this yearly task.

Spring is here, and as the weather grows warmer slowly but surely, everyone is getting out and about to take care of their yards for spring and summer fun. Over the fall and winter, the yard can accumulate much debris and become a wilderness one must tame again. To help make it manageable, here are several key spring cleanup tips for 2021.

Clean Up Debris

Removing the old is the first step to renewing the land. One must first rake up any extra fall leaves, twigs, and dead grass that litters the yard. Raking them up can truly make a difference! You will also want to clean up debris under your hedges, in your garden beds, and on your patios or decks.

Trim Hedges and Shrubs

Next, it’s best to trim the hedges and shrubs to the desired size before they begin to sprout new shoots. When they are growing, they contain hormones that drive that spring growth. When someone snips off the new leaves, it could cause the plant to surge with new growth more aggressively. Even so, one should trim the shrubs so that they do not brush against hardscaping or siding.

Edge Garden Beds

Edging garden beds is also important to defining planting spaces and controlling where plants grow. Without proper borders, grass can infiltrate garden beds and plants can invade the lawn. Edging can be as simple as placing down some edging bricks along the bed’s perimeter.

Clean Hardscaping

Once or twice a year, it can be useful to clean your hardscapes, which include patios, decks, retaining walls, sitting walls, walkways, driveways, and fences. Sometimes, a walkway can become so grimy that it becomes slippery and dangerous. Otherwise, it could simply look horrendous. A pressure washer usually is all that’s necessary to make it right.

Rejuvenate the Lawn

Aside from the plants and hardscapes, the lawn is another part of the landscape that requires routine and in-depth care to keep it healthy and green. The spring is the best time to put down a pre-emergent herbicide or new grass seeds, add fertilizer, and fix drainage issues if any. Edward’s Lawn & Home can help you get your lawn back in order if you need a lawn rejuvenation.

Hire a Spring Cleanup Crew

One reason it is so difficult to take care of spring cleanups is that life is so busy. Even if life isn’t too busy, an hour’s work can prove that spring cleanups are a lot of hard work. If you need a reasonably-priced cleanup crew to help you, Edward’s Lawn & Home is here for you in Maryland.

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