Fixing Puddles in Your Yard

Fixing Puddles in Your Yard

Noticing puddles in your yard? Edward’s Lawn & Home has a solution.

Puddles can start appearing any time of year, especially during the snowy and rainy seasons. A large puddle may begin to form along the fence, the sidewalk, or in the middle of your yard. Puddles should not gather in your yard; the water from rain, snow, and ice should be able to drain properly into the soil or into the storm drain. While a lawn care expert is your best route of advice, it doesn’t hurt to start with some general ideas. Below are several ways to fix those puddles in your yard.

Fix the Grading

The greatest danger is that the water collects around your home’s foundation, corroding it and causing serious damage. One can hire a lawn care company to fix the slope of the land so that the water drains away from the house and leaves no puddles in its wake.

Issue Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is one drainage solution that will not require installing any drainage systems. It only involves using a special aeration tool to poke multiple holes into the soil to prevent compacting. After this process, one usually seeds the bare patches in the lawn. Loosening up the dirt will help with drainage.

Extending the Rain Spout

Another way to keep rain and snow from creating puddles in your yard is to extend the rain spout with a simple rain spout extension or tray. Installing one of these devices will easily route the water from the gutter farther away from the foundation.

Install a French Drain

If your yard has particularly clay-like soil, a French drain could be the answer. This drain is a tubing system that sits underground, taking water a farther distance from the home. One must make sure that the pipe sits at a slight angle, going downward as it moves away from the house.

Install a Catch Basin

A catch basin usually sits on a hardscape such as a driveway or a patio. It involves a grate in which water falls through and is carried away from the property through an underground pipe. It is also possible to see them in the middle of lawns or directly beneath rain spouts.

Insert a Creek Bed

A creek bed can be simple or grand. It is a stream of river rocks along one part of a property that allows water to easily trickle through it and off the land. A designer should help to plan large-scale beds. 

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