Signs of Poor Yard Drainage

Signs of Poor Yard Drainage

These yard drainage problems could be detrimental in the long-run.

Every residential property has yard drainage technology in place: the ground is graded so that water flows away from the property, and gutters and drain pipes help keep water from flooding into the home. One might start seeing certain troubling signs that show that the yard drainage is faulty. Don’t just trust your instincts, though! Identifying the signs of poor yard drainage can make all the difference. Here are a few critical signs that will reveal your yard isn’t draining correctly. 

Topsoil Moves After A Rainstorm

If your topsoil ends up moving every time it rains, that would be a clear sign that you are dealing with the poor yard drainage that could damage your entire yard in the long run. If water isn’t getting fully absorbed by your soil, your yard will be left wet and moist, resulting in pests and flooding. Therefore, it’s important to ensure proper drainage to encourage appropriate yard maintenance and lawn health overall.

Eroding Soil

An excessive amount of excess water can be very damaging to your yard. If you have eroding soil that is incredibly noticeable, then you may, unfortunately, be dealing with improper yard drainage. Fundamentally, erosion can ultimately ruin all your garden beds. As a result, maintaining a proper drainage mechanism for your yard is necessary to ensure that your yard stays healthy and grows well. 

Pooling Water

When you happen to notice large amounts of pooling under gutters and downspouts, you could be dealing with improper yard drainage. When you have clogged gutters from leaves, twigs, and other debris, you could be ruining the drainage path for your yard overall. Having a clear path is optimal for the effective and efficient health of your yard overall. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having an overflowing yard that isn’t draining itself properly. In fact, having excess water and moisture in your yard can ruin the longevity of your yard and lawn overall. Being mindful of taking proper care of your yard and noticing the telltale signs of improper yard drainage can make all the difference. 

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