Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Yard

Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Yard

Freshen up your front yard with these tips!

Fall is entering into full swing in Maryland! The fall is the best time of the year to take care of some outdoor home improvement projects. The weather is cool and pleasant, and the greenery is starting to grow dormant. With life revolving around the home now more than ever, we all want our homes to be easy on the eyes. If you’re looking to spruce up your front yard this year, consider these different fall home improvement ideas.

Care for the Lawn

Late summer and early fall are great times to care for the lawn. Over time, the soil grows compact, stifling healthy grass root growth. Aeration and overseeding loosens up the soil, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to circulate to the roots and the roots to spread thicker and deeper. As is natural for the season, you’ll also want to rake up those autumn leaves to prevent mold growth and pests.

Simplify Flowerbeds

Another way to spruce up your front yard is to rethink your front yard landscaping. How can you simplify the design? One way is to remove excess foliage and create a symmetrical garden. You’ll want to put down mulch before planting your species or sowing seeds. Late summer and fall are the best time to plant some species, so they can establish themselves over the winter.

Clean the Gutters

In Maryland, trees can grow nearly anywhere. The roof gutter is one of those places. Autumn also brings many leaves into those gutters, and not cleaning this debris out of them can result in devastation, namely water damage, mold growth, pest infestation, and roof damage.

Hide the Condenser Unit

A condenser unit, the big, box-like machine that sits at the side of your house or in the backyard, can also get a makeover. If your condenser unit is at the side of the house, you can conceal it with a lattice, a slatted crate, a folding screen, or tall, bushy foliage. Remember, though, that a repairman will need to access the unit for checkups and repairs.

Clear the Path

Another way to make your front yard look fresh is to clean up the pathway. Fall is an excellent time to touch up the driveway and walkway, taking care of any cracks present. Adding landscape lighting will help keep the path defined during winter darkness.

Wash Off the Grime

Lastly, a simple powerwash can perk up your home’s facade like nothing else. You can rent a powerwasher from your local home improvement store, or have Edward’s Lawn & Home take care of it for you. Cleaning off the siding, porch, and walkways will surely spruce up your front yard.

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