Best Outdoor Projects for Fall

Best Outdoor Projects for Fall

Fall is coming around the corner! Edward’s Lawn & Home is here to help with all your outdoor projects.

September is here, and in Maryland, fall is just around the corner. The year 2020 has seen a notable rise in people pursuing home improvement projects. Inside and out, there’s always something to work on! However, autumn is the best time to tackle those outdoor projects. The following list is a general compilation of things you might consider for your home.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall is when much lawn maintenance happens; it’s the time to mow the grass one more time and prepare the ground for another vibrant spring. Aeration and overseeding is a common lawn care service that loosens and oxygenates the soil, promoting fuller grass root growth. Don’t forget to rake the leaves either! If this job is over your head, Edward’s Lawn & Home can help!


As foliage becomes dormant for the rest of the year in fall, you can then pay more attention to outdoor projects like hardscaping installation and repair. Hardscapes are the features that are man-made rather than living. Driveways, walkways, patios, decks, retaining walls, and outdoor features all fall in this category. The cool season with less greenery is perfect for these projects.


In the meantime, late summer to early fall is the best time to sow flower seeds that will come up in spring. You can also take this time to plant fall-flowering plants, like chrysanthemums, dahlias, pansies, phlox, etc. Your landscaper can help you make the best selection and arrangement of Maryland native and exotic fall plants. If you wish to establish new trees in your yard, fall is the best time. The cooler weather will be less harsh for the trees and encourage root growth. 


Fall is also an excellent time to create an evening wonderland with the right landscape lighting. There are various outdoor lighting fixtures, and a professional can help you choose what to highlight and how to illuminate your outdoor living spaces effectively.

Fence & Deck Care

As fall is the perfect time for many outdoor projects at home, it is also a great time to take care of your fence and deck. This maintenance may be as little as giving it a power wash, but it is also beneficial to check the structures out for loose boards and any sign of rot or damage. If you have a wood fence or deck, you’ll want to seal it every few years to protect it against termites, rot, and mold growth. If you need professional landscaping or hardscaping services, call Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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