Ways to Light Up Pathways

Ways to Light Up Pathways

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A house may have stunning curb appeal, its exterior paint in the trending shade, and its garden in the bloom of health. However, none of this will matter half the time if your house looks black as pitch at night. A dark house at night is an intimidating and unfriendly-looking one. It can even be hazardous, as it can be an encumbrance to guests and an opportunity for burglars to snoop. Outdoor lighting design is a complex science, but there are some simple ways to get started with planning. Here are several ways to light up pathways.

Alternating Path Lights

To light up pathways while avoiding blinding or startling people along the way, it is best to alternate your path lights. Each light fixture casts light only so far; plan your lighting so that each one covers enough of the walkway to make it visible. There’s no need to cover every inch; you will only need enough to get the idea across that the path leads “this way.” If you have a garden bed on one side of it, your outdoor lighting can double in illuminating the path and highlighting a focal point of the landscape.


If you have a tall structure next to or overhanging the path, like a detached garage or a shade tree, you can also use downlighting to create a moonlight effect. People naturally expect light to shine down from above like the sun or moon might. One or two of these downlights can cast a soft yet sufficient glow onto the path for a natural feel.


On the other hand, uplighting can be useful if your path is close to the side of the house or garage. Uplighting illuminates the beauty of one’s home. Instead of drilling light fixtures into the exterior walls, you can plant these small lights in the ground and make your home more visible.

Step Lights

If stairs are part of your pathway, you have at least two options for illuminating them. One is to insert fixtures into the side of the stairs, lighting up specific steps. These lights are called step lights. Another is to insert ones that go into the vertical surface of each step, casting light out and over them. Those are called step risers.

Solar Lights

One option that many might consider today is solar outdoor lighting. Solar lighting is an excellent way to avoid having to deal with electrical connections. However, the downside is that solar lights are subject to how much sunlight is available in a given time. It may also take days for them to accumulate enough power to shine adequately. If you are undecided or wish for more outdoor lighting advice, please contact Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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