Five Fall Flowering Plants

Five Fall Flowering Plants
Color your fall landscape with these five fall flowering plants.

In fall, one might think the time for colorful blooms in the landscape is over. The trees will soon grow bare, and raking the leaves will be all there is left in taking care of the yard. However, that is not so. Autumn is a time when many flowers are just coming into bloom. If you would like to perk up your yard this fall with some festive colors, below are five fall flowering plants to consider.

1. Chrysanthemum

The famous “mums” are a popular fall time plant. Its clusters of small, many-petaled flowers fill in a landscape’s borders or a large pot well. These are annual plants that often need to be replanted each year. In some cases, mums will become established enough in your yard to survive the winter and become perennial. Whether annual, or perennial, these blooms come in a wide variety of colors including bright yellow, light pink, orange, purple, and a rusty red.

2. Pansy

Pansies are small annual plants that we usually associate with spring. However, if you plant these in the fall, they will generally survive the winter and come up anew for the springtime and summer. Pansies are delightful plants with many colors and are famous for having “faces.” 

3. Aster

The aster is a plant of many species dwelling in places all over the world. Numerous species grow both in the wild and in landscapes in Maryland alone. Asters are 18-36 inches tall and usually used as filler plants in a flower bed. In appearance, they are topped with many daisy-like flowers in white, pink, or light blue.

4. Dahlia

Dahlias are glorious mid-summer-to-first-frost plants. From a small, 2-inch bloom, to a magnanimous 15-inch blossom, dahlias are a wonder no matter the size. Their flowers consist of a full plumage of spiky petals in a full range of colors. They like moist, temperate climates, and so would likely do well in Maryland and color up the fall nicely.

5. Gomphrena

Also known as Globe Amaranth, or Bachelor Button, gomphrenas are fall flowering plants that have in later years been bred to grow taller stems. It is full of colorful heads, like little globes, which consist of the flowers’ bracts. These bracts, their hard-stemmed leaves, hold the real flowers, which are so small that the human eye can scarcely see them. Gomphrenas withstand just about any disease and make long-lasting cut flowers. 

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