4 Essential Steps to Planting Perennials

Learn the essential steps to planting perennials.

Learn the essential steps to planting perennials.

Perennials always look beautiful in gardens, but they look best when planted correctly. It’s important to find the best planting technique to ensure your perennials have a strong foundation and grow successfully!

When To Plant Perennials

While it’s possible to plant perennials at any time of the year, it’s best to plant them in the spring or fall. This is because the temperature is typically not extreme during these seasons, and allows plants to settle and grow before a hot and dry summer season. If you start planting in June, the perennials will still grow, they just need to be watered more frequently.

Prepare Soil

After buying the perennials that you want to plant, add as much organic matter to your planting area as possible. This includes things such as compost, leaves, shredded bark mulch, and composted manure. Since perennials live in the same place for years, the organic matter creates a solid base to help the plants grow. You should prepare the soil at least a few days or weeks before planting, but some gardeners prep the soil a whole season ahead.

Planting Holes

Before you start digging planting holes, first water the perennials. Then you can begin digging holes that are slighting deeper than the pot the plant is in, and about twice the width. If the soil bed feels dry, water the hole before planting. Also, add some organic matter into the hole as well, to create a base for the plant to thrive. Dig each hole one at a time to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. When planting, tease and break up the base of the root ball to encourage new roots to form. Don’t toss the broken roots through, as they can contribute to organic matter to the soil!


Once the perennials are planted, water the plant and soil thoroughly and cover the soil with a layer of mulch. Perennials grow best with organic mulch, as it breaks down over time and helps to nourish the soil. However, don’t pile too much mulch against the plant stems, as this can lead to rot.

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