Bees And The Pollination Process

Learn why bees and the pollination process is so important!

Learn why bees and the pollination process is so important!

You may have heard of a new movement called “Save The Bees.” This started because the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962. While some people think that bees are just a nuisance, they actually pollinate seventy out of the top 100 human food crops- which supply the majority of the world’s nutrition. Continue reading to learn more about bees and why the pollination process is so important.

Why Is Pollination Important?

Bees are pollinators that play a significant role in the pollution across the globe, as honey bees perform 80 percent of all pollination worldwide. Every fruit and vegetable we eat require pollination, whether it is via insect or wind. For example, corn needs wind pollination and can survive without bees, while peppers and tomatoes need pollination from insects to grow.

Benefits To Flowers and Plants

In addition to crops, flowers and plants also need pollination to reproduce. Pollination allows plants to improve genetic diversity within their species, and cross-pollination creates more genetically diverse plant populations.

Benefits To Bees

Pollination helps bees just as much as it helps plants and flowers, as they get many benefits from the process. Bees store the pollen they collect and use it as nutrition for “nurse bees,” who are responsible for ensuring the health of the hive.

How Bees Find Flowers

Bees have a very interesting system, as they progress through several roles before going out in the world to find flowers. At just one or two days old, bees start as cleaners, and polish used brood cells. The next step is undertakers, then nurses, builders, temperature regulators, and guards. Bees go through all of these roles in just two weeks, and around 14-years-old, female worker bees are ready to become forager and search for nectar and pollen.

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