Strategies to Care for Your Lawn During Wintertime

edward's lawn & landscaping care for your lawn during wintertime

There are ways to care for your lawn during wintertime.

Fall will soon end, and winter will enter in Maryland. It’s imperative to provide a little love and care to your lawn during wintertime to ensure it’s healthy during the rest of the year. Most importantly, you want your yard to be as healthy and green as possible once spring arrives. Luckily, there are ways to care for your lawn during wintertime.

Fertilization Matters

One way to care for your lawn during wintertime is to apply fertilizer so that the grass receives vital nutrients. In addition, the ideal time to fertilize your grass is when it’s dry so that when snow falls, and it freezes, it will lock the nutrients into the soil. Also, you only have to fertilize your soil on time throughout the winter. Once spring arrives, you will notice that your grass will be luscious and green.

Overseeding Helps

If you have any dead or damaged areas on your lawn, then overseeding is the best solution. Fertilizing will not help dead grass, so you must overseed them so that you may generate new grass. Also, overseeding your lawn will attack the problem and make a new section of your yard in the spring.

Moreover, our lawn care team will spread a premium, weed-free, tall fescue grass feed around the lawn and into the plug holes. Overseeding encourages more profound and more robust grass growth on your property.

Lawn Aeration

One of the most effective methods to care for your lawn during wintertime is to aerate your turf, which involves making holes to give it some air. Plus, aerating your lawn enables the soil to breathe. This makes it easier to plant seeds during the spring. Also, one of the simplest ways to aerate your yard is to invest in manual or motorized equipment. If you have a significant and spacious yard, then a motorized aerator is the most effective option.

As lawn care experts, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping recommends aerating and seeding your lawn at least once yearly, preferably in the fall. This is critical for sparse or patchy lawns or uneven and hard soil. However, you may need more extensive lawn rejuvenation and seeding services if your lawn is highly damaged. Call us today at 443-341-6539!

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