How to Stop Your Neighbor’s Weeds from Entering Your Lawn

edward's lawn & landscaping Stop Your Neighbor’s Weeds from Entering Your Lawn

How do you stop your neighbor’s weeds from entering your lawn?

If you’ve been investing in keeping your lawn looking incredible and you see that your neighbor’s lawn is full of weeds, that can be stressful. You want to know how to stop your neighbor’s weeds from entering your lawn. While there’s no single answer to controlling weeds from a neighbor’s yard, we have helpful tips.

Defeat Your Weeds with a Thick and Healthy Lawn

The better shape your lawn is in, the less likely that weeds will creep in. If you have an excellent lawn care program with effective weed control, then that’s even better. In addition, many people don’t know that weed control begins below the surface with the soil. You must have healthy soil if you desire a lawn with no weeds.

Moreover, you have to practice good cultural habits such as proper watering and mowing. Aerating the lawn and overseeding during the fall season will help. Additionally, these tasks impact the lawn’s health and thickness. We understand that you want to stop your neighbor’s weeds from entering your lawn. Fortunately, you’ll reduce the problem if you do all the right things.

Create a Physical Barrier

Another way to stop your neighbor’s weeds from entering your lawn is with a mulch barrier. You can make a mulch bed with some plant material, separating your property from your neighbor’s. If weeds enter that plant bed, you’ll be able to target them quickly before they access your lawn.

Find Solutions with Your Neighbor

We know that only some people are friendly with their neighbors. If you are, expressing your concerns is a good idea. Most of the time, homeowners worry about using lawn care products because they don’t want to harm the environment. However, people only sometimes know that healthy lawns are good for the environment.

Furthermore, a healthy turf purifies the air by eliminating carbon dioxide, filtering dust, generating oxygen, and filtering rainwater. This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your neighbor. When they understand your lawn looks good, it also impacts their property value.

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