Eliminating Ice Build-Up in Your Parking Lot

eedward's lawn & landscaping eliminate ice build-up in your parking lot.

Be ready to eliminate ice build-up in your parking lot this winter!

Snow and ice can provoke significant problems for your parking lot. So, keeping employees and clients safe must be a top priority. Although plowing and shoveling help, most pavement injuries during this cold season happen when there’s less than one inch of snow accumulation. But don’t worry, because as long as you have the right equipment and techniques for de-icing and snow removal, you’ll be ready to eliminate ice build-up in your parking lot.

Prevention of Slip Accidents

The best way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents is to pre-treat your parking lot before a snow or ice storm. Anti-icing is when you apply salt to the pavement before precipitation happens. Also, the salt prevents the bonding of ice and snow to your parking lot, significantly minimizing snow sticking.

Moreover, this prevention method is cost-effective and safe for the environment. Besides preventing sticking, anti-icing also helps to prevent frost formation. It’s also a quick process. Keep this in mind when you desire to eliminate ice build-up in your parking lot.

Tips for De-icing

You may also use salt during and after accumulation. Instead of preventing ice formation, the salt helps to melt the snow or ice developed on the pavement. This technique is excellent for snow and ice compacted to the surface and cannot be removed easily. For instance, consider hiring Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping so they can use a salt spreader to treat your massive parking lot. Additionally, use hand-held salt sprayers or lay the salt over the ice and snow with a shovel if you have a small parking lot.

Furthermore, attempt to eliminate ice build-up in your parking lot before applying the de-icer to avoid salt dilution and increase its efficiency for heavy snowfall and high accumulation. Also, you should always use salt before and after a storm. Wait to salt your commercial parking lot until after snow accumulation has stopped, and try to avoid de-icing in the middle of a snowstorm.

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