Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company vs. a Church Groundskeeper

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The right commercial landscape company can save your church landscaping from mites that eat your flowers.

There may be extra pressure regarding caring for a church’s landscaping. From sacred worship to many of life’s great moments, many critical things happen here. So, the landscaping outside should demonstrate the essential happenings inside. Who’s maintaining your church landscaping? Church volunteers? Are they able to keep up? Let’s take a look at hiring a commercial landscape company versus a church groundskeeper.

Your Landscape Needs Expert Scheduling Landscaping Services

Churches have distinct needs regarding scheduling landscaping services. You want to look your Sunday best, so you need attention at the end of each week. That means communication, flexibility, and the ability to make sudden changes to maintenance schedules. Also, a commercial landscaping company is equipped to accommodate a church’s changing needs.

Sure, a part-time church groundskeeper can keep you with basic trimming, mowing, and planting some flowers by your church sign. However, there’s much more landscape maintenance on your church property. Think of tree care, pruning, and turf programs. You only receive one opportunity to create a first impression on new guests.

Focus on Snow and Ice Management Services

When winter snow and ice hit your area, your goal is to protect everyone who spends time in your church and reduce your chance of snow and ice-related hazards like property damage and slips and falls. In fact, this isn’t the time to rely on volunteers with shovels or a part-time church groundskeeper with a snow blower. This is true if your Maryland church also houses a school with daily foot and high vehicle traffic. Overall, hiring a commercial landscaping company that provides snow and ice management can keep your church property safe.

Prioritize Church Property Safety

If your church groundskeeper is behind, you risk your and other people’s safety. In addition, shrubs and plants grow fast. They can quickly block your church signage and create a cover for intruders to hide. Even dead or dying tree branches can suddenly crash down and destroy your church or parked cars. Fortunately, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can keep a close eye on your church property. Our team will inspect for dead and dying tree branches that you must prune before they tumble.

Maintain Your Turf Healthy with a Landscaping Company

Does your church grounds lawn need some help? Keeping your lawn healthy with weed control, fertilizer, and pest control is a significant job. The right timing is also really essential. For instance, both weed control and fertilizing are year-round processes. What if your church groundskeeper forgets the spring or fall application? The right commercial landscaping company can save your church landscaping from mites that eat your flowers.

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