Snow Removal Services in Maryland

Snow Removal Services in Maryland

Need snow removal services for your Maryland commercial property? Call Edward’s Lawn & Home!

If you are a Maryland property manager, you need a reliable landscaping company that can take care of the best of weather and the worst of weather. When Maryland winters hit with their finest fury of sleet and snow, your commercial property needs to be prepared to keep travel safe. For swift and efficient snow removal services in Maryland, call Edward’s Lawn & Home!

Planning for Snow and Ice

When snow and ice hit Maryland, many people are unaccustomed to making the adjustments needed to travel safely. With a commercial property and many tenants and visitors coming to and fro, a property manager must have a plan in place to deal with the ravages of snow and ice. It doesn’t hurt to have a few tools and supplies on hand for emergencies like snow blowers and salt. One should also lay out an emergency plan in case of a power outage. 

What You Need in a Snow Removal Company

When choosing a commercial snow removal company, one should take the time to understand exactly what you’ll be getting. Ask what their services entail, what surfaces they treat, what products they use, and where the snow even goes. It’s best to understand the process before you sign the contract. Other criteria you want to ensure is their insurance, the ability to prove they serviced your property, and their dedication to safety. Ultimately, you want a company you can trust.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake one can avoid is to forego any of the previous advice on how to select snow removal services. One common mistake that a poor snow removal service might make is to break the law regarding how high each snow mound can be. Every company must designate areas to create the snow mounds, careful to avoid bumping into easily-missed items like snow-covered vehicles or dumpsters, and ensure that these piles will not hazard vehicles or pedestrians.

Edward’s Lawn & Home

Before making the call, here’s a little information about Edward’s Lawn & Home. A landscaper and lawn care company for both residential and commercial properties, Edward’s has been providing for discerning Marylanders since 2007. They provide services year-round, so your commercial property can always be its best.

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For the past thirteen years, Edwards Lawn and Home has been offering premier residential and commercial services to improve your property all year long. The options are endless from a new patio to a backyard fire pit, let the winners of Angie’s List Super Service Aware serve you! If you’re interested in finding out more about our services or getting a quote, you can contact us online or give us a call at 443-341-6539. For more information about our services or DIY tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Houzz.

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