Winter Landscape Care for Property Managers

Winter Landscape Care for Property Managers

Let Edward’s Lawn & Home help you keep your commercial property in shape this winter!

In the winter, a property manager may not think much about tending to the commercial landscape. With the grass, trees, and plants dormant for the season, it may appear that there is nothing to do to keep it looking decent. Although plants do become dormant in this time, much can be done in this season. Below are a few winter landscape care tips for property owners to consider.

Inspect the Lawn

In the winter, lawns can suffer more than one might think. If the combination of temperature and moisture is just right, different species of lawn fungi can crop up and start to spread. Depending on the type, the mold can permanently damage an entire lawn. Debris of different kinds can also come into the lawn, such as litter, leaves, or twigs. It doesn’t hurt to walk around the lawn once a week to see if there is any fungus or debris present.

Aerate the Lawn

If you have not aerated your commercial lawn already, it doesn’t hurt to have this service done in the winter. Aeration promotes deep and healthy grass root growth by creating small holes all throughout the lawn, which then relieves compaction and allows more oxygen to reach the roots. 

Minimize Lawn Traffic

Grass can be more fragile in the winter than in other months when it is active and growing. You may have seen dirt paths once covered in grass that people trampled down with much foot traffic. Although a shortcut through the lawn can be practical, it will be more detrimental to the grass during winter. It will be harder for the trampled, dormant grass to recover than for the lush summer grass.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees are also dormant in the winter, no longer fueled by hormones to grow new springs and stems. It is during this time that you can give these plants a hard prune. Don’t be afraid of killing the bush or tree; doing so in its active period will only urge a more aggressive growth spurt. 

De-ice the Pavement

Even though Maryland winters are mild, they are not without ice and sometimes snow. Ice on a commercial lot is never desirable. Edwards Lawn & Home is a company you can depend on to de-ice your commercial pavement professionally.

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