Ideas for Commercial Landscaping Design

Ideas for Commercial Landscaping Design

Commercial landscaping sends a message about the businesses it surrounds.

Commercial spaces like office buildings and shopping centers often have inviting exteriors. The face and form of the architecture are tasteful and establishes trust between customers and tenants. However, the building is not the only part of the story. Landscaping plays an enormous role in how one perceives a place as well. With commercial landscaping design, there are several ways to send the right message.

Create an Atmosphere

Plants come in many forms and in more species than perhaps known to man. With a combination of plants and outdoor features, a commercial landscape can create its own atmosphere, a hint of what services await through the door. If you want to invite tenants and guests to a calm environment, some types of plants and water features might help communicate that. If you want a bold and bright feeling, bright colors and exciting fountains or patterns could do the trick. 

Enhance the Architecture

Meanwhile, the garden about your property should harmonize with the structure it surrounds. An appealing commercial landscape takes cues from the design features of the building, like shape, line, pattern, texture, etc. Trees can create landmarks or ornaments around the building, along with shrubs, ornamental grasses, and annuals. Good design will emphasize the best features of a building.

To Stay or to Move Along

The landscape also plays a part in how one moves throughout the space. Does the design encourage someone to move along the path toward the door, or does it also allow one to sit and relax? Either goal is good and well, depending on your business. The space should have a smooth traffic flow regardless. However, dropping in benches, patio furniture, and even fire pits at apt places can give the entrance and other areas a purpose.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient design is the trend designers are emphasizing most. Everyone wants a more streamlined environment where nothing goes to waste. Because of this, people are looking to have native and other low-maintenance plants in their commercial landscape, plus a system that loses as little water as possible.

Keep It Fresh Year-Round

Even with everything in place, the garden will not always look pristine. Plants require extensive care to keep them healthy and polished year-round. For this reason, your commercial landscaping needs an experienced and reliable landscape and grounds maintenance crew. 

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