Winter Landscaping in Maryland

Winter Landscaping in Maryland

In the winter, your landscape can look just as good as when it’s warm.

Winters in Maryland are famous for their dramatic temperature changes; one day, it may be snowing, and the next it’s 70 degrees! A more severe winter comes every few years with a snowfall of several feet. Other winters, regardless, come with their freezing temperatures in the early months of the year. A Maryland landscape, barren of green leaves and flowers, can still look gorgeous with these winter landscaping elements.


Despite the lack of summer or autumn foliage, winter landscaping can still include a rich arrangement of color and texture. Every yard needs at least one evergreen to keep some green color on the scene. If nothing else, there is one plant that still gives the property some life. Still, your yard can do better than that. Holly, forsythia, lily-of-the-valley bush, and Helleborus niger are popular landscaping plants to fill out and color the yard in the dead of winter. Berry-bearing shrubs, winter-flowering species, trees with textured bark, and ornamental grasses make for a vibrant scene. 


Meanwhile, hardscapes can stand out more when the landscape has taken on a duller appearance. Features such as walkways, retaining walls, driveways, and patios can add a lot of color, pattern, and texture to an environment. Your deck or fence could even give clean lines to the property. Now may also be an excellent time to consider focal pieces like gazebos, arbors, pergolas, benches, and more. Depending on the weather, it can be lovely to enjoy the snow outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting

In fall and winter, the days are shorter and darker. Even so, people’s waking hours do not grow shorter at this time. Outdoor lighting is an art that highlights different features of a property and gives visibility to traffic areas. There are many creative ways of lighting trees, pathways, home exteriors, decks, patios, and sculptural elements. In the winter, a splash of light can add to your yard’s visibility and curb appeal.

Winter Maintenance

Meanwhile, one cannot entirely get away from dealing with a few maintenance tasks during this season. To take care of winter landscaping, clearing off snow from your platforms, walkways, and driveways is the main concern. The deicer and tools you use will depend on the type of material underfoot. Now is also an excellent time to trim trees and install hardscaping. If putting the energy into shoveling snow or instigating a DIY renovation isn’t for you, Edwards Lawn & Home can assist. 

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