How to Match Your Driveway to Your House

How to Match Your Driveway to Your House

Matching the driveway to the house can be an art form. Check out these tips on how to make it great!

Choosing a new driveway brings with it possibilities you may not have imagined. You don’t have to choose a plain cement or asphalt driveway. There are countless paver and stone options from which to choose. Your home could have a fantastic new curb appeal with the right driveway. How to match your driveway to your house, though, can be a challenge. Below are some tips on how to make the best decision.

Think of Your Style

When selecting something as large as a driveway, it is best to start with the big picture. What kind of look are you going for? What is your style? You want to make sure that the house remains the focal point of the picture, rather than have a driveway that screams for attention. If you are happy with your current home’s style, you can limit your choices depending on how contemporary or rustic your house is. With these qualifications in mind, thinking about the details of the decision will help finalize your choice.

Color Scheme

Matching the color of your driveway to your house can be more difficult than first meets the eye. Before picking any paver that suits your fancy on its own, identify the primary colors of your home’s exterior. The paver color should tie into the primary color, either by matching exactly through hints or complementing it. You don’t want to overpower the look by using the same exact color as the exterior; for example, a red brick paver would be too much red for a house with a brick front. If your house is primarily made of two colors, try a third, complementary color as an accent. Alternatively, if your house is made up of analogous colors, like earthy tones or neutral colors, you may want to try something that has a similar coloration.

Lighter Colors

Having a lighter color for your driveway is a good idea for two reasons. First, the light color will help bring the focus onto your house rather than your driveway. A very dark one would stand out. Second, a dark driveway absorbs more heat, so to keep cool in the sun, a lighter-colored driveway would be more comfortable. 

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