Using Your Outdoor Kitchen This Thanksgiving

Using Your Outdoor Kitchen This Thanksgiving

Have an outdoor kitchen? Thanksgiving is a great time to use it.

This Thanksgiving, families are both going simple and getting creative. One of the best ways to enjoy this celebrated feast day is to spend it outdoors. If you have an outdoor kitchen, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to get together both the main dish and some delicious, healthy, and unusual sides. If you are looking to use your outdoor kitchen this Thanksgiving, be sure to practice the following tips.

Plan Ahead

In the year 2020, the weather this Thanksgiving looks like it will have scattered showers across central Maryland. Be sure to have a plan B in case your party gets rained on. One option is to ensure your outdoor kitchen and dining area have coverings via awnings or tents. Another is to simply have it inside.

Outdoor Lighting

Granted that you are able to find a way to still grill and dine al fresco, be sure to consider what time of day you will be active outside. Night falls at 5 PM after Daylight Savings, so keep in mind what your lighting needs will be. Even if you dine during the daylight hours, you’ll also need to see when you clean up in the evening.

Preparing the Feast

On the other hand, you may be expecting to enjoy the outdoor setting all day and all evening. Your grill is flexible enough to prepare a good number of dishes, including the turkey, vegetable sides, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and even apple or pumpkin pies. One can find numerous recipes online; be sure to create your menu before the big day to save time.

Setting the Mood

Lastly, feel free to set the mood with a properly furnished and decorated outdoor dining space. You want to provide a beautiful, clean, and sound setting for your guests to enjoy their meal and company. If you have a deck, be sure to inspect its structural stability before loading everyone on the platform. If all looks good with your deck or patio, take the time to clean off the surface, apply a protective coating if need be, and wash your furniture thoroughly with a pressure washer. If you’d like someone else to take care of your deck and patio care for you, call Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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