Maintaining the Deck in the Fall

Maintaining the Deck in the Fall
The maintenance of a wooden deck requires several simple steps.

Wooden decks require at least annual maintenance in order to keep them in pristine condition. Thankfully, the job is not hard to pull off. To make your job even easier, Edwards Lawn & Home offers maintenance services for your deck. It is a good idea to check the decking either annually or once every two or three years. Fall is also an excellent time to take care of it, as the temperature is cool and mild in Maryland. When a professional service comes, they will follow these steps for maintaining the deck in the fall.

Check for Repairs

First, they will check for any part of the deck that needs repairing. Wooden decks are prone to warping or buckling due to temperature and humidity. They can also have loose nails, peeling paint, or rotting. Even if the deck is made with treated wood, that does not mean the wood is impervious to damage over time. A professional can replace any boards and secure any nails to make the deck good as new.

Clean the Deck

Next, they will need to clean the deck. Power washing a deck will save time and energy, but it requires a stable and skilled hand to know how to wield the powerwasher and how much pressure to give. If the powerwasher is too strong, it can bore through the wood and riddle it with holes and grooves. A professional may also use an applicable detergent for maintaining the deck.

Paint or Stain

After this, one must paint or stain the deck before sealing it. If someone seals it first, the paint or stain will not be able to penetrate the wood’s surface at all. It should be one that soaks into the wood as much as possible rather than coats the surface. On the other hand, a finish that enhances the natural color of the wood is an excellent choice as well.

Seal the Deck

At last, it is time to seal the deck. A sealant keeps moisture from penetrating the wood, thus minimizing the expansion, retraction, and rot that the wood may face. Professional sealants are the best kind of have, often having a higher quality, and are typically oil-based. Maintaining the deck with a quality sealant will keep it in good condition for far longer.

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