Spring Tips for Beautifying Your Landscape in Severna Park

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Here are several tips to rejuvenate your landscape for the warm weather.

As the warmer months are approaching, you go outside your home to examine the landscape for the upcoming year. Maybe you need something fixed on your property? However, you are uncertain about where to begin. Here are several easy tips to rejuvenate your landscape for the warm weather.

Remove The Weeds

After winter and frequent spring rain occur, the soil becomes soft and moist. These two circumstances provide the perfect environment for managing your weeds. Weeds that developed in the fall and winter are often easy to remove. Additionally, any weeds that were not visible last year due to foliage growth will now be apparent and can also be easily eliminated.

Furthermore, use a soil knife to remove deeply rooted weeds. We recommend buying a soil knife since it is multipurpose. After weeding, you should apply a pre-emergency weed control product to prevent many weeds from developing during the remainder of the year. Also, cut back ornamental grasses and perennials before it grows again. You can divide and transplant some perennials to truly enhance your landscape.

Do Some Planting

The month of April is a great time to plant anything new. First, examine your existing plants to check for replacement. A plant not doing well will typically perform better in another location in your garden or sometimes it needs to be replaced by another specimen. The cooler temperatures make it a great time to complete some planting.

Determine Your Edging

In addition, edging is the next step in improving the appearance of your landscape. Besides lasting beauty, edging keeps grass out of the garden beds and helps maintain plants in the bed. You can extend your bed by completing more edging. Lastly, you can accomplish a clean, crisp edge by completing weekly mowing.

Mulch Your Garden Bed

After completing all the tips, the final step is to mulch your garden beds. A natural wood bark mulch will provide organic matter to the soil as it decays. Moreover, a 2-inch layer of mulch will conserve moisture to keep your plants at their best. It will also stop existing weeds from growing and help prevent weed seeds from developing.

By following the steps, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape throughout the year.

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