What’s the Ideal HOA Landscaping Service Schedule?

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What is the ideal HOA landscaping schedule?

You want your HOA landscaping to look neat all the time. Nobody ever tells their HOA landscaping contractor to come over whenever to mow the lawn or to add whatever amount of mulch. This is why you need a set service schedule. So, what is the optimal HOA landscaping schedule?  

The Service Schedule Varies Per HOA Community

Every HOA community varies when it comes to policies in their contract. Some HOAs have a company complete all the mowing, whereas other HOAs require the residents to mow the common areas. Additionally, one HOA community might have their residents mulch on individual homes; another community might not.

When the grass grows faster during the springtime, some landscaping companies mow several HOA communities every week. Timing is everything at HOA communities. So, some landscape maintenance companies strategically plan their tasks.

A Fertilizer and Weed Control Schedule is Recommended

Furthermore, most homeowners dislike weeds. We recommend a fertilization and weed control program as part of an HOA landscaping maintenance schedule. 

  • A landscaping team will visit twice in the springtime to apply fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass killer, and a post-emergent weed killer to eliminate weeds like dandelion and clover.  
  • Secondly, the same process repeats a month or two months later. The two applications remove weed seeds before they germinate and after a sprout.
  • Thirdly, a visit happens in late summer to spot spray any broadleaf weeds that have popped up. Avoid spraying everywhere so you can only target weeds.
  • Lastly, a final round of fertilizer is applied in the fall season to assist your HOA turf store nutrients for the winter and developing strength in the spring. 

Overall, the lawn will be green much quicker in the spring and become resistant to disease and drought before winter sets in.  

Some Helpful Extras for an Excellent HOA Landscaping 

Lastly, the perfect HOA landscaping schedule should also include visits during the year to maintain the community’s landscaping neat and healthy. These visits include:

  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Rejuvenation Pruning
  • Portering to Maintain Tidiness  
  • Planting New Flowers
  • Emphasis on Spring Cleaning

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