Flower Bed Color Ideas to Enhance Your Commercial Landscaping in Maryland

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Make your business known for the beautiful non-stop flowers in your commercial landscaping.

Is your business known for something extraordinary? How about having it recognized for the beautiful non-stop flowers in your commercial landscaping? When spring flowers become dull, you receive a bright new batch for summertime. When those flowers fade, a whole truckload comes to lighten your fall! Here’s what serious flower power can do for your commercial landscaping.

Unique Spots to Position Flowers in Commercial Landscaping

So, where should you position all these beautiful flowers during the spring, summer, and fall seasons? Start with these great ideas:

  • Flowers make your commercial landscaping entrances cheerful and inviting.  
  • Bright colored flowers make a perfect strategy for signage landscaping because color attracts attention.
  • Common areas are an ideal location for seasonal flowers. Plant your beds of blooms near seating areas for nearby viewing.

Spring Flowers for a Stunning Appeal

Flowers remind us of spring due to their brightness. They’re a cheerful breath of fresh air after the frequent gray gloom of winter. Flowers are automatically curb appeal, and they make people happy. What spring flowers are excellent for your commercial landscaping? Pansies and violas automatically stand out.  

Furthermore, pansies enjoy spring’s warm sun and complement the cool nights. Consider them your landscaping greeters since they are known for their attribute “faces.” How about the pretty, petite violas? Choose a colorful combination to brighten up an entrance. Examples include orange with bits of pink and yellow or deep purple petals with strokes of lavender, white and yellow.  

Summer Flowers for Bright Landscaping

Moreover, summertime is when your commercial landscaping can shine. Be adventurous and choose beyond the basic flowers to make your curb appeal stand out. Examples of the basic flowers are begonias, petunias, and vinca, but there are more prominent, colorful, and better varieties within those primary blooms. Some begonias will grow up to 3 feet tall. Go with more extensive and more colorful blooms for the best impact.

Autumn Flowers for a Cheerful Look

Lastly, your summer flowers don’t last forever and will become tired by fall. But the climate here in Maryland is mild until November to enjoy the outdoors. Try out big bursts of mums to rumple cabbages and kale. Or pick joyful panolas – a beautiful mix between violas and pansies. These flowers are also available in a variety of colors.

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