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Landscaping a backyard deck can become a DIY project, but it’s ideal to complete in the spring or fall like any other outdoor project.

Slight landscaping care can go a long way to creating your backyard deck as an enjoyable place to relax. Landscaping a deck can become a DIY project, but it’s ideal to complete in the spring or fall like any other outdoor project. Perform these steps to effortlessly tackle tasks such as organizing your plants and eliminating current turf.

Select Your Plants & Arrange Them

Start your backyard deck project by choosing several larger shrubs or trim trees. Then, select tiny perennials and decorative grasses to surround them. Ensure that the plants you decide are located where there is direct sunlight.

Moreover, arrange your plants into a draft layout surrounding your deck. This will provide you with an insight into how much space you will need to make for them and the landscape’s border. In addition, use a marking tool to define the border. Then, mark the edge with landscape paint.

Dig Up the Turf & Edge Your Border

Furthermore, grab a shovel and dig out the current turf inside the border. Slice into the turf with the shovel’s edge along the marked borderline. Then slice the turf into tiny chunks. Additionally, loosen the grass with the blade to expose the soil underneath the turf.  

After the turf has been eliminated, put in landscape edging to define your garden’s border and prevent grass from coming back in. Secure the edging’s location by replenishing the trench with soil. Once you’re done, the top of the frame must be an inch above the soil’s top to avoid water accumulation when there is water nearby.

Minimize the Stubborn Weeds

Also, you can reduce the amount of weeding once you’re done landscaping around your backyard deck by laying out landscaping fabric. Place the whole landscape fabric over the soil and cut it to fit your borders. Moreover, put the plants in their new location in your new landscape. Then, cut a hole where you desire each plant to be and fill in the gaps.

Now your backyard deck project is over, and you can finally enjoy the new view! With regular landscape maintenance, you’ll be able to appreciate the results of your landscape design for many more years.

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