Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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The landscape around a commercial structure ought to be an inviting and safe place to lead up to the building. It consists of not only flowers and trees, but also hardscapes like sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor features like benches and fountains. A lot of work goes into keeping it all pristine and safe for passers-by; here is what you will need to look out for that a professional landscape maintenance company can take care of for you.


Likely, your commercial property has some measure of grass in front of and possible around it. In a commercial venue, first impressions are everything. Therefore, experts recommend weekly mowing as a part of your general lawn maintenance. Also, look out for bare or discolored patches of lawn, as these could indicate disease or a need for aeration and overseeding. 

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs need regular pruning and healthcare as well. Commercial architecture without trees can make the landscape look and feel cold and industrial. However, trees and shrubs can also pose a safety hazard if they block traffic views, hang over sidewalks, or threaten to drop branches on your property. 

Garden Beds

Nothing cheers up a commercial setting like flowers and other ornamental foliage. A professional landscape company knows the best plants to put down. Many people in Maryland are looking to grow more native plants. Since they are natural to the environment, they are easier to maintain. A professional company can take care of the design, planting, watering, deadheading, and other tasks.


As mentioned before, a commercial landscape does not only involve plants. It also has to do with its hardscapes. Keep an eye on the condition of the sidewalks and driveways to make sure there are no excessive cracks or potholes. In the winter, it is essential to make sure that ice and snow do not build up on traffic areas either. At night, ensure that the outdoor lighting is tasteful and leaves no passages in the shadows.


Commercial properties may also need an irrigation system to manage the amount of water it takes to keep the plants vibrant. Having an efficient setup can save hundreds per year on water usage. Meanwhile, a professional needs to winterize and reset the irrigation system each year to avoid frozen or busted pipes.

Seasonal Care

Commercial landscape maintenance takes weekly and expert care to accomplish. From refreshing the grounds in the spring to removing leaves in the fall, a landscaping company is necessary to take the concern from a landlord or property manager. If you are located in the Maryland area, Edwards Lawn & Home can assist! 

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