Benefit from Leaf Removal Before the Snow Comes

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Leaf removal before the snow arrives will ensure you benefit from the leaves.

Every season provides new developments in any landscape in Catonsville, MD. For instance, autumn might result in more dead leaves in your yard than you can handle. This is where creativity comes in. Besides raking the leaves and throwing them away, there are some advantages you can gain from using dead leaves. Leaf removal before the snow arrives will ensure you benefit from the leaves.

Make Winter Mulch

As you complete your seasonal cleanup on your yard or lawn before winter, save the leaves for winter mulch. Many plants and shrubs require winter protection to prevent their roots from damage due to cold temperatures. Also, dead leaves are perfect for making winter mulch.

You do this by mounding the dead leaves in a four-to-six-inch layer around the base of shrubs and plants. Extend the leaf mounds to the shrubs’ drip line to ensure the root system coverage. Flowers and perennial plants must also be covered with lots of layers of dead leaves. Remember to place leaves before the ground freezes and remove them before it heats the following spring.

Lawn Fertilization

It’s normal for people to do leaf removal as part of their yard’s seasonal cleanup. So, use a lawn mower rather than a rake for your leaf removal process. Leaving whole leaves on the lawn might not be healthy for the turf as they would smother it. The ideal option would be mowing the lawn because the mower will cut up the leaves.

When you chop up the leaves, they minimize the size, making the decomposing process quicker and easier. In addition, the move allows the dead leaves to integrate nitrogen into the soil when they decompose.

Create a Brush Pile

One of the best ways to create a welcoming environment for creatures in your lawn is by making a massive brush pile for them. Choose a secluded area and use it to create a brush pile without anything disturbing it. Also, avoid making a brush pile near the foundation of a building because the pile may attract unwanted animals that will burrow under the foundation.

Add smaller-sized branches around and over the significant branches. Additionally, lean the smaller-sized branches to ensure the brush pile has a teepee appearance. Once the brush pile is complete, expect to get small animals like chipmunks, rodents, lizards, and garter snakes.

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