Why Leaf Removal Benefits Your Lawn

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To prevent mold growth on your lawn, consider leaf removal services from Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping.

Your residential landscape requires many things to help it grow and keep it healthy. Even when the cooler months of autumn come around, your lawn might still need proper lawn care to survive the winter. Leaf removal is essential to keeping your property healthy in the fall and preparing it for the winter. Neglecting to eliminate dead leaves from your lawn suffocates and kills your grass. Here is why leaf removal benefits your lawn.

Leaf Removal Enables Grass Growth

Allowing a thick layer of leaves to gather across your lawn suffocates your grass by blocking sunlight and air access. When your grass cannot receive proper sunlight and air necessary for photosynthesis, it can’t grow. Also, lack of nutrients contributes to more robust, more resilient turf that cannot fight off diseases and pests. So, eliminating leaf clutter from your lawn ensures your grass can breathe and soak up the sunlight and air it requires for proper growth.

Leaves Promote Mold and Inhibit Water Evaporation

Moreover, your lawn needs to breathe and having access to air is imperative for effective water evaporation. When leaves collect on your lawn, they prevent water evaporation. This traps moisture beneath their layer. Unfortunately, this moisture develops the perfect environment for mold, diseases, and fungi.

When you walk across the leaves on your yard, it disturbs and promotes mold, thus releasing mold spores into the air. So, breathing in mold spores triggers serious respiratory problems, vomiting, migraines, and many other health problems. To prevent mold growth on your lawn, consider leaf removal services from Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping. Hiring us makes leaf removal fast and efficient so you may keep your lawn, family, and health safe during the season. Call our team today at 443-341-6539!

Leaf Clutter Increases Dangerous Pests

Your lawn hosts pretty dangerous pests. Additionally, leaf clutter that gathers on top of your property increases the number of problems that infest your yard. Plus, critters like spiders and snakes love dark, damp places to seek warmth. Overall, this increases your risk of finding dangerous pests in your yard and possibly experiencing a spider bite. So, it’s best to complete leaf removal to keep your lawn clean.

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