Leaf Removal Services in Maryland

Leaf Removal Services in Maryland

Need leaf removal services? We provide professional services throughout central Maryland!

Raking leaves is a chore. It leaves you with calloused palms, aching backs, and much time and energy taken away from other important tasks. With Edward’s Lawn & Home, you can leave it to our professionals to remove the autumn leaves from your residential or commercial property! If you are looking for leaf removal services in Maryland, contact Edward’s Lawn & Home!

Why Leaf Removal Is Necessary

Removing fall leaves from your commercial or residential yard might be a chore, but it is also a necessary task. Letting the fall leaves clump and pile up on the lawn can do much damage to your lawn. For instance, it can smother the grass beneath it or encourage fungal lawn diseases to thrive. As a professional lawn care company as well, Edward’s Lawn & Home wants neither of those things to happen to your lawn. Piles of fall leaves are also the perfect materials in which critters and pests can build nests and thrive, so it is best to clear them away to maintain a beautiful, neat lawn.

A beautiful, well-cleared lawn will provide many benefits, including an improved curb appeal. If you have a commercial property, it will boost morale for those occupying the building and a good impression for visitors. If you have a residential property, it can improve your home value, your curb appeal, and your general enjoyment of your home.

Edward’s Lawn & Home Leaf Removal Services

Edward’s Lawn & Home offers commercial and residential properties two different types of leaf removal timelines. One is to schedule 3 leaf removal services throughout November through the start of December, about two or three weeks apart. The other is to schedule one extensive fall cleanup at the beginning of December.

We offer a $269.00 leaf removal service that includes up to 3 total man hours plus a $65 fee for fuel and disposal. Additional time is charged for $68 per man hour in our seasonal discount. This is our seasonal offer for November through December only. 

Once you sign up, you will have your credit card information on a secure file with us and will receive the bill once the job is 100% complete. A general estimate to determine how much time your project might take is a time of 1-3 hours per half-acre for 3-5 workers.

Rest assured that at Edward’s Lawn & Home, our team will complete the job thoroughly using eco-friendly tactics. We use commercial leaf blower backpacks, leaf vacuums, and wheel blowers and dispose of the leaves economically. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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