Should You Landscape After It Rains?

Should You Landscape After It Rains?

Is it okay to do landscaping after it rains? Yes, it is!

Rain comes and goes through spring, summer, fall, and winter. When it rains, people typically stay indoors and put all outdoor work on hold, landscaping no exception. Coordinating landscaping projects with the weather can be a challenge, but it can also be a science. Is it best to landscape after it rains? Here is some insight into this question for various landscaping topics.

Cutting Trees

You might hear your landscaper say that he prefers to wait until after it rains before he cuts down the excess trees in your yard. When the ground is wet, it becomes softer and easier to work with. There is the danger of working with soil that is too wet, but in general, the work of removing trees and tree stumps will go by smoother when the dirt is looser.


If you have ever done some weeding in your spare time, you might have noticed how much easier it is to pull up gnarly roots just after a rain. If you are hiring a landscaping company to help weed your garden beds, it might be easier to complete the job soon after it has rained.


It might also be a good time to mulch the garden beds and around trees and shrubs after it rains. While the ground is still moist, one can help to retain that moisture for bulbs, seedlings, perennials, etc., by adding a layer of mulch on top of it. Mulching is best done in the spring or fall.


One can certainly landscape after it rains, and one can also hardscape after it rains. When the ground is more workable, it is easier to perform projects such as installing a new fence or deck, or installing a patio, pathway, driveway, or retaining wall. Edward’s Lawn & Home offers all these services and more!


The ground must be moist for new plants to establish themselves and succeed. If it hasn’t rained already, you will need to water the plant generously anyway. Some say that soggy soil is bad for plants, since it could cause seeds and roots to rot or become waterlogged. On the other hand, water is an essential element for every plant’s growth.

Aeration & Overseeding

Professional landscapers will also tell you that it is best to landscape after it rains concerning aeration and overseeding. It is easier to pull up plugs of dirt from loosened soil, while seeds have the moisture they need for growth. 

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