All About Winterizing Your Irrigation System

All About Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Winterizing your irrigation system is an important part of landscape maintenance.

Is it time to winterize your irrigation system? Believe it or not, winterizing your irrigation system is an important part of tending to your lawn and landscape. It clears out the water from pipes, spouts, and hoses so that they will not freeze over the winter. Here is all you need to know about winterizing your irrigation system and how Edward’s Lawn & Home can assist.

Why Winterize Your Irrigation System?

When the first frost hits, and the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, any water remaining in your irrigation system’s pipes and parts will freeze. When the water freezes inside these devices, it will likely lead to damage such as burst or cracked pipes. It is best to always blow out the water from this system, which is what winterization is.

Steps to Winterizing Your Irrigation System

There are several simple steps involved in winterizing an irrigation system. First is to turn off the water supply to your system. Second, turn off the system controller that times when it turns on and off. Third, disconnect the backflow preventer, drain and clean it, and store it in a dry space until spring. 

Next, you get to the more complicated steps. These are essentially to drain the water from your system’s pipes, sprinkler heads, and risers. Different parts can be cleaned manually, such as sprinkler heads. Pipes usually need to involve a cleaning device such as a wet-dry vac or the blow-out strategy. A wet-dry vac will suck out the water from the pipes, while the blow-out strategy pushes the water out through air pressure.

When to Winterize the Irrigation System

Between October and November is typically the best time of year to winterize the irrigation system in Maryland. It is best to complete this task before or just when the temperature drops to the freezing point. After all, once the water freezes, damage to the system becomes possible.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Operating a wet-dry vac or performing the blow-out method take skill and practice. Minor mistakes can cause damage that costs, especially when air pressure is involved. A professional can take care of the entire process in under an hour. If you need winterizing services for your irrigation system in Maryland, contact us at Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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