Protect Your Pasadena Landscape from Heavy Rain

edward's lawn & landscape Protect Your Pasadena Landscape from Heavy Rain

Here are strategies to protect your Pasadena landscape from heavy rain.

Heavy rainfall in Maryland can harm our landscapes, plants, and even our home’s foundation. As expected, we must find ways to adapt, so we know our landscapes are resilient. Here are strategies to protect your Pasadena landscape from heavy rain.

Construct a Retaining Wall

Sometimes water lingers on our property because of the topography of our surroundings, like a slope on the neighbor’s land or nearby hills. Despite the cause, retaining walls help divert and direct water through our landscape. They can also prevent rain from pooling near our home’s foundation, protect a garden, or redirect the flow onto the streets.

Utilize a Lot of Mulch

If heavy rain keeps washing away your Pasadena garden, you can protect the surface with significant mulch. In addition, water easily flows away tiny pieces of bare soil or shredded mulch. Bigger pieces of bark mulch have a more remarkable ability to absorb water. Overall, they can safeguard the topsoil and plants.

Consider Hardscaping

Most water absorbs into the ground when it rains in a forest. On the other hand, paved surfaces like asphalt and concrete don’t absorb any of the water. Instead, it redirects it somewhere else. During heavy rainfall, we experience a collection of water that can’t penetrate the ground and is seeking a place to go. As a result, we might have flooding on our property or see an intense volume of water hitting the storm sewers, causing flooding in the river.

So, you can protect your Pasadena landscape from heavy rain with permeable hardscapes. They can minimize flooding by enabling more places for rain to absorb into the ground. In addition, you can add porous paving stones so the water can filter into the gravel and earth below.

Overall, there are numerous simple ways to protect your Pasadena landscape from heavy rain. At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, we take pride in the fact that our primary goal is to make our customers successful. We are also confident that our landscaping experts can provide all the tools and plant materials necessary to make your gardening ideas a reality. But if you want expert advice on landscaping projects, please give us a ring at 443-341-6539 for our landscaping services!

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