Kick Start Your Spring Clean-Up Landscaping Efforts Today

edward's lawn & landscaping spring clean-up landscaping efforts

Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping has tips to kickstart your spring clean-up landscaping efforts today!

Now is the ideal time to make the most of the changing weather for beautiful greenery and seasonal color this upcoming summer in Maryland. But first, you must clean your yard to prepare it for mulch. Perhaps you’re new and uncertain where to begin, or you’ve been doing this for a while. Either way, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping has tips to kickstart your spring clean-up landscaping efforts today!

Prepare Your Grass with Mowing

Your spring clean-up landscaping efforts are critical to your lawn’s longevity and appearance. Owning beds debris-free, weed-free, and pest-free will give your lawn the best chance to thrive. Despite what you may have thought, grass doesn’t stop growing in wintertime. It simply becomes dormant and grows slower than in spring and summer. In addition, the end of March into April is the ideal time to use that mower again.

Composting Debris

Your yard probably hasn’t seen a rake since last fall. If you don’t have many trees on your property, there hasn’t been a need to clear away debris. So, we suggest preserving leaves so you can compost them later and help your lawn flourish. After mowing your grass, you’ll want to take the grass clippings, twigs, leaves, and other organic material to compost. Make sure to shred the debris to make piles and include organisms to accelerate the decomposition process.

Reseed Your Damaged Grass

If you have dead or dry grass patches in your landscape, reseeding is the easiest way to restore it. Reseeding isn’t ideal if you have significant areas of damaged lawn. At that point, you might want to reapply the sod and start fresh. Also, this might not be ideal for you since sod can be expensive depending on the yard acreage, grass type, and professional installation.

Beautify Your Yard with a Tree Trim

Continue your spring clean-up landscaping efforts by trimming your trees and shrubs. Trimming and pruning benefit your property by reducing branch damage, providing better exposure to sunlight, and enabling better visibility of plant damage or disease. Ring us today at 443-341-6539! Our expert lawn technicians will ensure you receive excellent service for your yard.

Lawn Aeration

Lastly, lawn aeration is necessary if you desire thicker, greener turf for springtime. Additionally, compacted soil can damage your lawn and deter water and essential nutrients from reaching roots. Before you re-seed damaged grass, make sure you aerate for better turf growth.

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