Spruce Up Your Residential Landscaping with Mulch

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The Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping team can cover your residential landscaping with multiple mulching tips.

Mistakes happen, but your lawn can significantly suffer when those mistakes involve mulching. Fortunately, the Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping team covered you with multiple mulching tips. As residential landscaping experts based in Brooklyn, Maryland, we enjoy helping you bring out your yard’s potential with our exceptional services.

Avoid Mounding Mulch

Many inexperienced landscapers create the mistake of mounding mulch against trees or piling it up against the trunk. As a result, you might have various diseases, bark rot, and pest infestation due to the moist material. So, give the tree trunk up to 2 inches of mulch clearance and spread mulch evenly along the tree bed up to 4 inches deep.

Consider Different Mulch Types

Although there are various types of mulch, they are categorized into two different categories: inorganic and organic. The difference? Organic mulch will eventually break down since it’s made of natural material. In contrast, inorganic mulch is made from plastic sheeting or recycled paper and rubber chips. So, it will not absorb into the soil or break down. Fortunately, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping will clean up your lawn to enhance its appearance. Prioritize your residential landscaping with our assistance today!

Mulch at Least Twice Per Season

Ideally, mulching is best performed before early spring and before the first frost of winter. In addition, weeds begin to appear as the ground thaws in early spring. Nevertheless, when you start mulching early, you’ll see a significant difference in your lawn’s health. Furthermore, mulching in fall and winter can warm your new seedlings. By doing so, you can avoid soil erosion in your residential landscaping during fall and winter weather.

Stick with Mulching

Once you begin mulching, don’t stop! Also, avoid eliminating or disturbing mulch since it can expose soil to freezing temperatures or harsh heat. Even though you won’t see immediate results, you’ll see a difference in your yard’s health. So, stay patient, and don’t give up on your dream of a great-looking lawn. Our landscaping team is ready to help your landscape thrive, so give us a ring at 443-341-6539!

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