Residential Landscaping Tasks to Do by July Fourth

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Here are the primary residential landscaping tasks you can do by July Fourth.

The fourth of July is the ideal time for friends and family to spend time together, enjoy barbecues, and have some fun outside. If you have put off hosting because your lawn is not ready for entertaining, now is the time to act. From hiring landscape designers and lawn mowing services, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping makes it easy to get the job done. Here are the primary residential landscaping tasks you can do by July Fourth.

Lawn Mowing

The grass is always greener when routinely mowed and cared for! And something about a freshly mown lawn matches a home and makes the property look its best. So, hiring a professional residential landscaping company for regular upkeep will help you get the job done efficiently. As a result, this will save you time and keep your lawn looking professionally neat.

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Mosquito Control

While you may always hand out bug spray as a party favor during your July 4th barbecue, you will save your guests the inconvenience by simply managing the problem ahead of time. Minimizing mosquitoes on your property involves numerous steps, including reducing mosquito breeding sites and seeking the proper mosquito repellents.

Furthermore, hiring a mosquito control professional who has been adequately trained and is an expert in safely tackling mosquito abatement is much easier. This will confirm that no harm comes to your pets or family while minimizing the mosquito population and keeping pesky bugs and insects away from your yard.

Prepare Your Party Area

If you still need to, now is a great time to trim bushes, low-hanging tree branches that might get in the way of your get-together, and hedges. Our local tree-trimming professional team has the knowledge and equipment to complete the job quickly. Edwards Lawn and Landscaping is the best source for lawn rejuvenation, grading, and lawn maintenance services.

Lawn Landscaping

Impress your guests with our residential landscaping services. Our team will spruce up your flowers and plants. Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping provides top-notch seeding and sod installation services that take your home to the next level. We provide FREE estimates and complimentary on-site consultations.

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